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Wealth of Experience

What We Do

Chess Dynamics Ltd is a small, medium sized UK company that provides EO solutions within the defence and security sectors. It marries mechanical and electro-optical engineering with video management software to provide users with discrete self-contained systems. It designs and builds extremely accurate director heads and its own daylight cameras. Unlike many other competitors, it also incorporates its own software house, so is able to offer complete bespoke EO surveillance packages. In the UK, we believe this is extremely rare, if not unique.

In terms of the UK Market, Chess Dynamics Ltd is well positioned in the land and maritime sectors as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier (depending on programme). We form an integral part of a number of OEMs’ supply chains both in the UK and abroad.

In terms of the global and national market place, Chess Dynamics Ltd has a reputation for robust and reliable systems and products. As such, we believe the company is well positioned and recognised both at home and abroad as a ‘go to’ solution provider.

Wealth of Experience

System Families

Chess Dynamics Ltd offers three families of EO/IR products. These are:

  • The Naval Sea Eagle group of systems for maritime surveillance,
  • The Military Hawkeye group of systems for land surveillance and
  • The Sigma group of security systems for commercial/civil surveillance

These families use the same range director heads (pan and tilts), but each family of systems has been adapted to meet its specific task and environment. I illustrate this by comparing the Sea Eagle Fire Control Compact Turret (FCCT) and the Hawkeye Combat system (CS). These two systems use the same pan and tilt head, the same EO package and similar C2 software. Both systems are designed to meet the requirements to control direct fire weapons as well as provide local situational awareness, the former on small fast craft the latter on armoured vehicles.

Wealth of Experience

Expanding Capabilities

The majority of Chess’s business in the past has been derived from its naval systems. We see some re-balancing towards land systems as the Hawkeye family gains recognition and traction. Customers recognise that Chess dynamics is a small systems house and not just a product supplier. Equally an increasingly important part of Chess Dynamics Ltd’s business is ‘bespoke’ engineering – fulfilling customer’s unique requirements for one off systems that require extremely accurate director heads, radar turntables or long range optics.

Wealth of Experience

Rapid Product Development

AUDS represents a shining example of where small, agile and innovative companies like Chess Dynamics Ltd, Blighter Surveillance Systems and Enterprise Control Systems Ltd can deliver a technologically mature solution to an emerging threat. Where there are complementary technologies that come together to reach a mutually beneficial solution, then yes there should be vast opportunities for like-minded SMEs to work together.

In terms of product offerings, SMEs’ agility, flexibility and their capacity for rapid prototyping makes them able to work at a higher tempo than Primes and Tier 1 suppliers / system of system integrators. The ability to bring a product to market is therefore much quicker, but the issue is not so much whether we can offer a better solution, more often than not we can, but whether or not the customer, particularly major armed forces and government departments have the appetite to deal direct with SMEs. The UK, unlike the US, does not have a statute that makes a commitment to supporting SMES, only initiatives and policies. A degree of faith is required from both sides, for the SMEs to compromise to find a suitable working environment and for the customer to show faith and so avoid delays and benefit from the lower overheads characteristic of dealing with SMEs.

Wealth of Experience

Wealth of Experience

A wealth of experience spanning many decades has enabled Chess to provide our commercial and military customers with affordable high quality products and services.

In many cases Chess has become a principal subsystem supplier to UK and overseas customers, using our extensive knowledge and know-how to develop new and innovative products incorporating the latest technologies available.

Imagination and Enthusiasm

Imagination and Enthusiasm

Chess Dynamics’ skilled engineering team has evolved a breadth and depth of expertise providing “leading edge” solutions to a wide variety of industries including semi-conductors, oil & gas, automotive, military and aerospace.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in:

  • The use of thermal imagers, lasers and TV cameras
  • Camera vision systems to identify and/or track targets
  • Servo systems to position and point sensors to better than 20µmRad with full control of velocity and acceleration
  • Developing satellite tracking and positioning systems for exploration, oil and gas industries to name but a few
  • Success and Growth

Our understanding of both technical and commercial requirements has been significant in the success and growth of the company over the last decade. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a fresh approach to the needs of all our customers across every industry we supply.

Chess Dynamics is at its best when involved in project concepts, providing assistance with presentations, proposals and quotations with the aim of becoming a leading subsystem supplier over the coming years.


Quality Products

Companies who have chosen Chess Dynamics as their long term strategic partner have been amazed at our ability to provide high specification, reliable and quality products on time and to budget.

Chess Dynamics is an ISO9001 approved company ready to assist you with future Land, Maritime and Airborne requirements.


Engineering Excellence

All our engineers are dedicated and committed to providing our customers with optimum, cost effective, robust and reliable solutions. Products have to be “fit for purpose”, have style and give years of trouble free operation.

To this end we endeavour to understand our customers, their requirements and objectives. It is with this perception and understanding that we offer design capabilities that are unrivalled in the UK.