Industrial Placement Case Study

Industrial Placement Engineer

Currently studying:
MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Why did you decide to do an Industrial Placement as part of your degree?
I decided an industrial placement would allow me to implement the theory from lectures into practical applications.

What does your placement role involve?
My placement is varied, and includes tasks such as working on a Matlab trajectory model, testing hardware and writing reports. I have been given a variety of roles and shown all aspects of engineering; from software development to electrical and mechanical design. I have been given an insight into the business perspective of engineering which has been interesting. Using skills that I have learnt at university I have been able to complete tasks with help from colleagues.

How have you found your time at Chess?
Very enjoyable, help has always been available when needed, especially in challenging situations which is vital to complete a successful placement year. The projects I have worked on have been varied and my time at Chess has really increased my confidence and knowledge regarding engineering.

How do you feel that your placement has benefited your course?
My placement has provided me hands on experience in an engineering company. Being able to use the theory learnt from lectures in real applications has enabled me to further understand the uses behind different engineering skills and how they can be combined in practical applications. My motivation for engineering and enjoyment for the subject has greatly increased since being at Chess, I have really enjoyed my placement year so far and am hoping to transfer the skills I have learnt here to my university course.

Are there any other benefits of doing a placement?
Provided you complete your placement, you will have a good reference and potentially a role at your placement company to apply to after graduating. This already will put you above other graduates who have not done a placement, as you will already have had 12 months’ practical hands-on experience.

What job will you be seeking when you graduate?
The placement has really helped me to clarify what I want to do after I graduate. I really enjoy the work that Chess do, so I will definitely be looking into the Defence and Security sector when graduating, ideally with Chess.

What advice would you give to the students who are thinking of applying for placement at Chess Dynamics?
You should apply! You will not regret it. It is nerve-wracking as a student to think about being given a lot responsibility, but it provides you with the opportunity learn so much more about the work you have to do once you graduate. The people that work at Chess make you feel welcomed and that your work is valued, and you know that help will always been given if you ask for it.