Hawkeye Combat Systems

The Hawkeye CS solutions are dedicated independent surveillance and fire control assets, that can be integrated into wider surveillance and fire control architectures. Control is achieved through the use of ruggedized GRIP PCs with TCP/IP outputs, allowing for local and/or networked control.

Hawkeye CT Tank  Hawkeye CS - Saudi Mamba  

All Hawkeye variants are environmentally sealed and modular in design to enable full maintenance in the field. This greatly reduces operational downtime associated with other ‘return to factory systems’. Each system is fitted with quick release covers that provide an outer level of weather protection, as well as access to the sensors for general maintenance. In addition, sun shields, heat dissipators and automatic lens covers can be fitted for enhanced protection, especially for operations in harsh climates. In close combat environments, Hawkeye systems can be protected with additional armour up to STANAG Level 2.


– Compact design & rugged build                 – Target acquisition and tracking

– Reconnaissance and surveillance             – Situational awareness

– Target identification                                    – Target engagement