Hawkeye Fixed Systems

Hawkeye FS solutions are deployed as static/fixed independent surveillance assets, that can be part of an integrated and networked surveillance solution. The cameras and the director can be mounted together with a wide range of ground surveillance radars and effectors. Hawkeye FS offer the user persistent surveillance and are best mounted on fixed infrastructure, which offer secure and stable mountings. Control is achieved through the use of ruggedised GRIP PCs with TCP/IP outputs, allowing for local and/or networked control.

   Hawkeye FS - Zeta Pan & Tilt Platform with Hawk TI and Piranha LRTV


  • Day/night border and coastal surveillance
  • Key infrastructure security
  • Mast mounted vehicle convoy situational awareness support
  • Compound/asset protection
  • Long range threat detection and identification
  • Easily integrated to cue to radar identified targets
  • Combines a long range TV camera, medium range TV camera and thermal imaging camera