MERLIN Success in the USA. (1st – 5th Oct)

Drones and UAV’s represent an increasing threat that the whole World is ill prepared for.

We are back in the UK after a series of successful tests and demonstrations in the U.S. with our partners Liteye Systems Inc. and Weibel Radar AB with our new Merlin Air Defense Tracking System, combining Chess’ Electro-Optic Tracking & Ballistic Control System with the advanced Weibel Doppler 33dB solid state Radar.

In the below picture you see Weibel CEO Peder R. Pedersen and Chess CEO Graham Beall with the Merlin System upon the completion of the weeks trials.

The Left-hand picture is the Merlin AD Tracking System, on the Right, shows the intuitive Operator (HMI) Interface Screen.










The lower picture shows the 50Cal, BMG in the capable hands of Graham Beall with the Merlin System in the background.

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