Press Release – Supacat and Chess Dynamics at DVD – Marrying Combat Proven, UK Design and Manufacture and Available Now

Chess Dynamics Ltd is very proud to be teaming up with SUPACAT to present mobile AUDS (M-AUDS), their counter-UAS mobile integrated capability.  This is the first time this combat proven C-UAS system has been shown publicly, mounted on an in-service British Army vehicle. The capability demonstrator is being shown at DVD as a pre-cursor to being used by regular troops on the Army’s Warfighting Experiment 2018, Autonomous Warrior at the end of the year.

M-AUDS uses the extremely versatile HMT 600 COYOTE as its host.  M-AUDS combines all three elements of the kill chain; detect, using the Blighter A400 Phased Electronic Scanned Array (PESA) Ku band Doppler radar, optimised to detect the low slow and close targets; identify and track using Chess Dynamics integrated electro-optics, positioner and video tracking software and defeat using Enterprise Control Systems’ software defined RF Inhibitors.  It has been deployed on operations continually in the Middle East for the past two years and has over 700 confirmed kills to its name.  British forces, as part of the coalition have benefitted from operating under AUDS’ security umbrella.  In the past year, the current customer has mounted the system on STRYKER and MATV, integrated it with a kinetic kill capability using 30mm smart airburst munitions and networked it to receive 3rd party target information, so demonstrating faith in its combat effectiveness and the maturity of the system.

When not being used for its primary purpose, C-UAS, M-AUDS provides the user with an extremely versatile and highly effective long range surveillance and target acquisition asset for all combat and combat support arms.  One should not underestimate the force multiplying effect of radar, electro-optics, state of the art user interfaces and the ability to provide precision targeting information to ranges in excess of 12km (both the EO and the radar are range matched). Mounted on the Army’s most versatile platform and you give the user the operational edge.

The collaboration between SUPACAT and Chess Dynamics is a clear demonstration of how two leading UK Defence SMEs can come together, fill a known gap, and offer this enhanced capability to troops deployed on operations.  It is testament to the agility of UK SMEs that they can come together at very short notice; work together to deliver the best of British battle-winning capabilities that are built here in the UK for the benefit of our troops.

This collaborative venture proves that two organisations who believe that scalability and modularity should be at the heart of their systems. We also firmly believe that simplicity of use and robustness engender trust in the equipment and that if there is a change of mission reconfiguration can be done at first line.  COYOTE-AUDS is proof positive that industry can identify current operational gaps and deliver solutions before requirement setters put pen to paper.

It is Combat proven and been on operations continuously for the past two years.  It is UK designed and manufactured and it is Available now to fill a known capability gap.