Sigma LEO Surveillance

Sigma LEO fixed site, long range electro-optical surveillance system offers long range detection and observation of targets 24 hours a day.

Sigma LEO Long Range Surveillance System

Sigma LEO has been optimised for the detection, identification and image capture of the full range of contacts in border and coastal surveillance applications


Fitted with an advanced sensor combination of mid-wave thermal imager and high performance TV camera the system will provide both video and still images of targets 24 hours a day at ranges in excess of 15 kms. In addition to the base-line sensor fit Sigma LEO can be fitted with a range of additional sensors and effectors such as laser rangefinder/designator, searchlights and audio hailing units.


The system has been specifically configured as an ‘intelligent’ sub-system element of a multi-node integrated surveillance system. The system employs an ethernet interface for both function control and the transmission of sensor images enabling connection over long ranges by fibre or wireless communications. Alternatively or in addition the system can be supplied with a local control console.