Early Careers

Early Careers

Chess Dynamics is engaged in student training through work experience programmes, internships, graduate initiatives and the UKESF scholarship scheme. We invest in graduates through a structured development programme for those who aspire to fulfil their long-term career goals.

UKESF Scholarships


The UKESF is a not-for-profit charitable organisation.  Their value proposition is based on helping companies (like Cohort Group) tackle their Electronics skills challenge by de-risking their graduate recruitment and do this through their Scholarship Scheme (great way to promote our company and to connect with undergraduates from the UK’s leading universities, such as Edinburgh, Imperial, Southampton and Surrey.


What is it?


  • A sponsored, funded scholarship scheme in conjunction with UKESF.
  • Scheme covers Summer Placements (min 8 weeks) and/or longer placements (12 months).
  • Fees paid for Year One



Imperial College, London


Imperial College London is a world-class university with a mission to benefit society through excellence in science, engineering, medicine and business.

The student is employed to work on an industrial project which is directly relevant to their degree of study.  It gives the student the opportunity to build on a rigorous academic and technical education by providing hands-on experience and insight into the industrial and commercial challenges of business today.


What is it?


  • Third Year students seeking a six month placement this year.
  • Placement runs from April – September and it is for third year M.Eng students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Electronic and Information Engineering. 



STEM Student Placements


Our student placements are your chance to show initiative, make a good impression and start building an invaluable network of industry contacts. You'll also get an insight into how the company operates and what your specific role entails - all whilst advancing your own technical skills and knowledge.


What is it?


  • Summer and One Year opportunities in Electrical, Mechanical, Systems and Software



For further information regarding the different schemes for our Early Careers, please contact our HR department.