Platform Protection

Platform Protection

Our customers are tasked to operate in the World’s most hostile land based environments; in conflict, stability and supporting roles. They require the best in electro-optical surveillance and targeting to ensure their troops and platforms are protected and able to take pre-emptive or countermeasures. In combat situations they need accurate target identification capabilities with the ability to quickly detect and track objects of interest.

We ensure prime contractors have the most reliable platform protection products for their missions meaning they deliver solutions on time, within budget and fit for purpose.

Force and vehicle protection


Ground forces and vehicles need to be protected from threats that are often difficult to detect through eyesight alone. This could come in the form of anti-tank guided missiles, improvised explosive devices, or remotely operated detonation devices.


For any ground force protection, there is a need for early warning and alert so that they can accurately find, fix, and strike when necessary. Our platform protection solutions provide this, incorporating automatic alert, localisation and target classification.


Our rugged products are qualified to work in even the harshest environments so that your force and vehicles are protected in all terrains and conditions. Applying our engineering excellence ensures we deliver future-proofed, advanced technology that is combat-proven, accurate, responsive and robust.


Rapid reconfiguration and scalability

Our platform protection solutions are designed to allow for rapid reconfiguration of sensors. They can maximise multiple sensors and fully integrate into existing security or combat management systems. Our modular approach delivers scalability as the number of sensors can grow as and when required.

Helping a smarter military and reducing the collective burden of warfighting tasks

As the military deals with rapidly changing technology, we understand that they need to adapt and become smarter. We are helping the military do this by supporting the need for more information through AI and sensor fusion. By providing smarter HD sensors, and enabling the important work of UAVs and UAGs. Our world-class and intuitive human-to-machine interface enables distracted operators to be well-equipped and informed.

We support the MOD and other customers as they seek to exploit software and autonomous vehicles to carry out tasks such as combat support and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. This brings many benefits including reductions in manpower and the burden on the operator.