Reconnaissance and surveillance systems

Reconnaissance and surveillance systems

In today's environment, with increasingly sophisticated foes, reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities have never been more important.

You need absolute confidence that you can accurately detect and identify threats or targets. And you need to do this reliably, regardless of the conditions or range. Chess Dynamics provide leading integrated systems that can give you the edge and give your ground forces the intelligence they need to make fully informed decisions. Our tailored ISR solutions stand up to the most rugged conditions where they can perform in extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

Tactical reconnaissance for your exact requirements

Our customers operate in some of the World’s most hostile environments, in conflict, stability, and supporting roles. They rely on the very best radar and optronic surveillance systems to secure information about the enemy, weather conditions, and terrain. We support our customers’ specific requirements with a full range of tactical reconnaissance systems that can be tailored to their exact needs. This includes static and vehicle mounted surveillance systems, counter UAS’s, and air defence systems.

Border surveillance systems

As no two territories are the same, border surveillance will almost always pose complex and unique challenges, particularly as borders often span huge distances. Protecting your borders requires reliable, round the clock surveillance to help secure and guard against invasion, illegal immigration, smuggling and terrorist threat. Our flexible and integrated border surveillance systems help our customers to efficiently identify threats and to disregard false alarms.

Early detection and warning of enemy forces or objects of interest crossing borders is critical for border protection. Our border surveillance systems provide exact real-time locations and movements of multiple threats simultaneously, allowing our customers to have full visibility and act before threats can act.

Hawkeye Family of land surveillance systems

Our Hawkeye Family of land systems offers performance, reliability, and exceptional coverage. The family comprises advanced modular and scalable multi-sensor systems for precise land reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting.

We work with our customers to ensure that they have the most reliable products and solutions for their missions. By applying our engineering excellence, it ensures our Hawkeye Family of systems delivers future-proofed, advanced reconnaissance and surveillance technology.

Custom engineering for your reconnaissance management

Chess Dynamics provides flexible, integrated solutions that empower you to take control of your reconnaissance mission. We place innovation and engineering excellence at the heart of our approach, allowing us to develop customised solutions that meet any of your specific reconnaissance or surveillance challenges.