Situational Awareness Systems

Situational Awareness Systems

In a combat theatre, situational awareness is the ability to know exactly what is going on around you.

In a survival situation, it allows you to react to your immediate circumstances and to anticipate what may happen next. Our customers need the very best in situational awareness technology to protect their land forces in increasingly complex and fluid battlefields.


Reliable and accurate situational intelligence gives our customers the ability to respond agilely to changing situations. Delivering that intelligence rapidly and effectively is vital for decision-making up and down the chain of command. This can be the difference for survivability and mission success.

Situational awareness for mobile units

Our leading family of multi sensor systems give your units the situational awareness required to make intelligent, informed decisions day or night. Our Hawkeye vehicle surveillance systems are easily integrated into your mobile units and are ideal for recce vehicles gathering information on land. We combine the latest image stabilisation and tracking technology with intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. Gathering and disseminate tactical and operational level information.

Interconnected technology for situational awareness and communication

We have developed a range of next-generation sensors that can give your forces a significant situational advantage. With artificial intelligence and machine learning seamlessly integrated into our portfolio we can help prime contractors stay ahead of rapidly changing technologies. We continue to develop smarter sensors and new applications such as target classification and augmented reality (AR) to enhance the user interface and system capability.