DECEMBER 20, 2018

Airport Protection Ready to Go…

Chess Dynamics, a high-tech engineering company, located a few miles south of Gatwick airport produces a specialised Counter UAS system for the military and has been in operational service in the Middle East continuously for over 2 years. It has successfully disrupted over 1,000 drones that were being used for malicious purposes in that time and was described as the battle winner by the Commander of the US 82 Airborne Division for single-handedly clearing the skies over Mosul in the space of 4 months. It has been developed further for the military, by being integrated with military command and control systems and direct fire air defence weapons giving the operator the option of both kinetic and electronic defeat.


From this proven, gilt-edged combat pedigree, Chess Dynamics have developed systems suitable to protect airports and critical national infrastructure to prevent incursions of hostile small unmanned air systems (sUAS). It uses similar detect and track and classify technology which gives the airport authority an early warning capability, that allows air traffic control temporarily to warn off specific at-risk incoming flights, whilst at the same time being able to identify the point of origin of the drone user and so cue the appropriate blue light response.