Cohort plc

December 12th, 2018: Cohort plc, the independent technology group, has acquired a majority stake in Chess Technologies.

Who is Cohort plc?

Cohort is the parent company of six innovative, agile and responsive businesses providing a wide range of services and products for British and international customers in defence, security and related markets.

Cohort supports entrepreneurial businesses to grow and innovate in defence technology, products & services. (



EID designs and manufactures advanced communications systems for the defence and security markets (



ELAC SONAR is a market leader in surface ship and submarine sonars, underwater communication systems and echo sounders (



MASS are a specialist defence and technology business, focused on electronic warfare, information systems and cyber security (



MCL  is an expert in sourcing, design and integration of communications and surveillance technology, as well as support and training for UK end users including the MoD and other government agencies (



SEA is an advanced electronic systems and software house operating in the defence, transport and offshore energy markets (