About Chess

Chess Dynamics

Chess Dynamics is an innovative, well-respected surveillance, tracking and gunfire control specialist for military and commercial customers.  Chess' military customers include defence forces and prime contractors in the UK and overseas for the naval and land sectors. 

Based in Horsham, Plymouth, and Wokingham, Chess Dynamics designs, develops and manufactures precision stabilised and non-stabilised multi-axis platforms, fire control directors and positioners for electro-optic, radar, communication, security, surveillance, tracking, and targeting systems, and a wide range of high-performance cameras and special sensors. 


The Chess portfolio includes the Vision4ce branded real time video and image processing solutions for electro-optic systems. This covers the supply of rugged hardware (PCs that utilise the latest Intel mobile processors) for harsh environments on land, at sea and in the air, along with integrated software solutions (such as GRIP View video management software and DART video tracking software) incorporating sophisticated image processing algorithms for object detection and tracking.

The more complex tracking and targeting systems are integrated into naval fire-control solutions and sophisticated vehicle-based surveillance, targeting, tracking and force protection systems. 


The company is also a major developer and world-wide supplier of counter-sUAV (drone) protection systems including rapid deployment systems for military and security use.  It provides a complete service including survey, installation, training, and maintenance across its entire product range, including bespoke engineering solutions. 


Chess has been supplying equipment, sub-systems and systems to defence forces and prime contractors since 2005. Cohort acquired a majority share in Chess in 2018. It is led by David Tuddenham.


What does Chess provide?


  • Innovative systems for individual solutions

  • Engineering excellence

  • Combat-proven solutions

  • Solving complex challenges

  • Class-leading products

  • High-quality solutions and lightweight units

  • Providing solutions to problems

  • Advanced Technology

  • Accuracy

  • Customised / modified / tailored / aligned solutions

  • Future proofed solutions: continuous value

  • Qualified, technical relevant equipment

  • Fresh and innovative technology that has been vigorously and rigorously tested

  • Original products and solutions

  • Suitable, rugged/durable, advanced technology

  • Products that can withstand the harshest environments

  • Access to Custom and Innovation Teams

  • ISO9001 approved company

  • Excellent in-service support

  • Value for money

A note from our Directors

Our mission is to be a dependable partner for class leading surveillance, tracking and fire control systems. Delivering solutions for challenging environments to protect what we value.







Our Values


Teamwork: We work together to provide our customers with solutions.


Integrity: We do what we say, when we say. We act with honesty and are trustworthy.


Excellence: We take pride in what we do. We strive to continuously improve ourselves and the business.


Courage: We are not afraid of taking on challenges with diligence,  endurance and nerve.