Hawkeye Air Defence

Hawkeye Air Defence

The Hawkeye AD system will acquire, track, classify and engage tactical air targets from fixed and mobile platforms.

The system’s combination of FMCW Doppler radar and electro optical sensors enables operation against a wide range of targets 24 hours a day in all weathers. Derived from the successful Sea Eagle naval and fire control systems Hawkeye AD incorporates Sea Eagle’s advanced performance features in a compact, rugged system optimised for the World-wide land environment. The system’s integrated sensor suite has been optimised for the tracking and engagement of targets out to a range of 15kms with use from the FMCW Tracking radar.


Hawkeye Brochure

Ground Based Air Defence and Fire Control

  • Integrated sensor suite
    optimised for acquisition,
    tracking and engagement of
    air targets
  • Automatic slewing, search,
    acquisition and tracking in
    response to target indications
  • Automated operation
    significantly reduces operator
    workload and system reaction
  •  Multiple Ethernet interfaces for
    integration with C3 systems
    and networks
  • Full capability ballistic
    predictor for the control of a
    wide range of air defence guns
  • Radar designed to track
    outgoing rounds to
    accommodate future smart