Sea Eagle FCRO

SeaEagle FCRO

The SeaEagle FCRO is a stabilised radar and electro optical fire control system optimised for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets

Capable of controlling any ‘in-service’ naval gun directly or via a CMS. The system provides 24-hour, long range, detection,
acquisition, tracking and engagement of air and surface targets using advanced Ku-Band fire control Radar with target identification provided by thermal imager and daylight TV camera.


Sea Eagle Maritime Brochure

  • FMCW Doppler radar provides long range acquisition and precision tracking of multiple targets
  • The radar has low probability of intercept and high resistance to ECM through very low transmitted power and frequency agility
  • 24-hour target identification by long range thermal imager and daylight TV camera
  • Automated slewing to search radar contact indications
  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking in both radar and EO
  • Anti-air, anti-surface, naval gunfire support direct and naval gunfire support indirect engagement modes
  • Point mass model based ballistic prediction for all calibres of naval guns including extended range ammunition
  • Splash spotting by both radar and EO sensors
  • 24-hour passive surveillance through high performance thermal imager and TV camera
  • Scanning of programmable azimuth sectors with automatic target detection
  • Display of a panoramic view of the scanned sector with marked detected targets
  • Automated capture of target snap-shot images
  • Designed to be operated as a fully integrated element of a multi-function console-based combat system or through a dedicated stand-alone console.