Sea Eagle EOSS

Electro Optical Surveillance System

Sea Eagle EOSS (Electro Optical Surveillance System)

Proven, rugged design. Advanced image processing features


Sea Eagle EOSS is a stabilised electro optical surveillance system optimised for automated maritime surveillance on all classes of vessel. The system provides 24-hour passive surveillance and target identification through the use of thermal imager and daylight TV camera sensors (the system can optionally be fitted with a low repetition rate laser rangefinder).





  • 24-hour surveillance through high performance thermal imager and TV camera

  • Programmable azimuth sector scans with automatic target detection

  • Automatic slewing to search radar contact indications

  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking

  • Display of a panoramic view of the scanned sector with marked detected targets

  • Automated capture of target snapshot images

  • Designed to operate as a fully integrated element of a multi-function console-based CMS or integrated bridge-based system or via a dedicated stand-alone console




Sea Eagle systems employ advanced image processing techniques to provide a high level of automated operation during surveillance and target tracking. Producing both a panoramic image of the operating area and high magnification, still and moving images of detected targets the systems can be set to alarm on pre-defined target types and associated behaviour.