Fire Control Electro Optical

SeaEagle FCEO MKI (Fire Control Electro Optical)

Precision Fire Control for any naval gun


Sea Eagle FCEO is a stabilised electro optical fire control system optimised for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets. Capable of controlling any ‘in-service’ naval gun, the system provides 24-hour, detection, acquisition, tracking, identification and engagement of air and surface targets through its thermal and TV sensors with target range provided by a high repetition laser rangefinder.






  • 24-hour surveillance, tracking and fire control

  • Pre-set automatic horizon or sector scanning

  • Automatic slewing to radar, EW or other CMS contact target indications

  • Automatic acquisition and tracking of multiple surface and air targets

  • Gunfire control for ASuW, AAW and NGS engagements

  • Designed to operate via multi-function consoles as a fully integrated element of a CMS or through a dedicated stand-alone console.