Sea Eagle FCRO

Fire Control Radar Optical

Sea Eagle FCRO (Fire Control Radar Optical)

All weather surface and air target engagement


Sea Eagle FCRO is a stabilised radar and electro optical fire control system optimised for the control of naval guns against air, surface and shore targets. Capable of controlling any ‘in-service’ naval gun, the system provides 24-hour, long range, detection, acquisition, tracking and engagement of air and surface targets through the use of advanced FMCW Doppler radar with target identification provided by thermal imager and daylight TV camera.






  • FMCW Doppler radar provides long range acquisition and precise tracking of multiple targets

  • Low probability of intercept and high resistance to ECM through very low transmitter power and frequency agility

  • 24-hour target identification by high performance IR and TV cameras

  • Automatic slewing to search radar contact indications

  • Automatic target acquisition and tracking in both radar and EO

  • Gunfire control in ASuW, AAW and NGS engagements