Electro Optic Surveillance Systems

Chess’ electro optic surveillance systems provide 24-hour passive surveillance and target identification.

By using the latest generation of advanced multi-spectral sensors, which include field proven MWIR and LWIR Thermal Imaging (TI) technology, our systems can detect, recognise, and identify threats.

  • 24-hour surveillance using high performance, multi-spectral imaging sensors
  • An unrivalled combination of sensor payloads designed to enhance detection capability while maintaining all round situational awareness
  • Target detection at ranges exceeding 30km
  • Automatic tracking and programmable surveillance sectors that are designed to reduce operator fatigue
  • Unsurpassed reliability via the use of unique design features aimed at protecting the system, including optical sensors, in harsh environments
  • Full integration to a variety of ground surveillance radars
  • Customised video management software to suit the customer’s operational requirements
  • STANAG video streaming, digital video recording, 360° panoramic display, electronic stabilisation, auto scanning, TCP/IP control and image fusion/enhancement features