Hawkeye Land Surveillance

Hawkeye Land Surveillance

Our customers are tasked to operate in the World’s most hostile environments; in conflict, stability and supporting roles. They deserve the best in electro-optical surveillance for land-based operations, and we deliver.

We work with our customers to ensure that they have the most reliable products and solutions for their land-based missions. By applying our engineering excellence, it ensures we deliver future-proofed, advanced technology for land-based operations. Our advanced, modular, and scalable multi sensor systems are suitable for precise reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting across the land domain.



Hawkeye is a family of advanced multi-sensor surveillance and targeting systems from Chess Dynamics that provides this visualisation capability.The systems provide comprehensive 24-hour surveillance and target identification in a broad range of operational scenarios and tactical applications.


Key Features


• Target Classification
• Mast Mounted
• Target Location
• Video Tracking
• Video Analytics
• Image Processing
• Video Recording
• Georeferencing
• Laser Range Finder
• Ruggedized processing


Hawkeye Brochure

Helping the Military become Smarter


With the pace of technology unceasing, we aim to help our land based military customers operate smarter. We understand the increasing need for more information and support our land based customers through smarter (HD) sensors, Machine Learning, AI and sensor fusion. Our world-class and intuitive human-to-machine interfaces enables even the most distracted of operators to be well-equipped and informed.