SeaEagle Maritime Surveillance System

SeaEagle Maritime Surveillance System

Our advanced, maritime electro optic surveillance systems are optimised for automated maritime surveillance on all classes of vessel, and we deliver.

The system provides 24-hour passive surveillance and target identification using thermal imager and daylight TV camera sensors (our systems can also be fitted with a low repetition rate laser rangefinder).


Our systems are designed to be used as a high-performance surveillance system for applications such as search and rescue, threat surveillance and blind pilotage. The system sensors, the performance of which is enhanced by the application of image processing techniques, can detect, acquire, and track targets 24 hours a day.


SeaEagle systems feature a video processing system that provides a high level of automation to the surveillance, acquisition and tracking functions.


Key Features

• Programmable horizon and sector scanning with automatic target detection
• Multiple target detection and acquisition
• Panoramic display of the scanned sector with detected targets labelled
• Automatic slewing to radar contact target indications
• Real time target tracking with automatic selection of tracking algorithm to suit target/background parameters
• Automatic cueing of multiple targets within field of view
• Automatic capture of target ‘snapshot’ images
• Graphical display of all system, target and ship data
• Digital video and data recording
• Artificial Intelligence & Auto Target Classification


Sea Eagle Maritime Brochure

Our maritime electro optic surveillance systems have been designed to provide a high level of automated operation, therefore reducing operator workload which leads to improved performance under high stress conditions and lower training requirements.