Company History

Company History

From semiconductors in 1993, to multi-layered sensors and modular solutions in 2023, for the last 30 years the world’s greatest technology and defence organisations have worked with Chess for modular, easily maintainable, market-leading, reliable systems.


We are eager to showcase our journey over the past three decades and express our appreciation to our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and supportive partners. Thank you to all for being part of our incredible journey.

Testimonials from our team


Adam Wicks

Engineering Manager

Years at Chess: 21

"We couldn’t have grown as rapidly as we have, and continue to do so, without a really great group of people all contributing and wanting to succeed – and a business that supports career development so well."


Nicola Daoud

Sales and Marketing Executive

Years at Chess: 5

"It has been an incredible experience to watch Chess grow so significantly, whilst maintaining the positive teamwork and can do attitude. Chess really is a fantastic company and I am proud to be a part of it."


Verity French

Bids and Proposals Manager

Years at Chess: 2

"Chess is a great company to work for, offering support and flexibility to its staff (as a mum, this is important to me). Whilst the job is one I know, the challenge of working in a completely different industry has been exciting and I really do learn something new every day!"


James Baillie

Trainee Production Engineer

Years at Chess: 5

"It is a great experience to learn and work in an ever-growing business and I am pleased to be a part of it. I am looking forward to the future of Chess and where that will take us and my career as an engineer."


Kerry Barnes

Programme Manager

Years at Chess: 7

"I love that my role in the business is so diverse and as such every day is different.  I enjoy working to enhance strong partnerships with our Customers using a highly skilled team to overcome any challenges, to that we deliver world class products across the globe."


Magdalena King

International Trade and Compliance Manager

Years at Chess: 10

"What I like about my job at Chess is the team spirit and sense of camaraderie. Heading the export compliance team allows me and my team members to liaise with all departs from development through to delivery."


OIi Cooper

Product Design Engineer

Years at Chess: 5

"Being part of the Chess team is a very rewarding job, there’s also never a dull day which always keeps me on my toes."