Employee Case Studies

Employee Case Studies

We value our people here at Chess. For example, we offer a diverse range of learning and development opportunities, no matter what stage you are at in your career. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the case studies below.

Our case studies tell the story of how we have helped to develop our team members professionally and personally. 


Each case study shows:


  • The employee’s key achievements in their career with Chess Dynamics
  • Their career progression 
  • The support put in place by the company in order to help them achieve their goals

Penny Brown

Penny's journey at Chess began in August 2016, when she joined the company as a Production Controller. From the start, she demonstrated her dedication and talent, quickly earning a promotion to Senior Production Controller in June, 2017. This rapid promotion, just under a year after joining Chess , highlights her early impact on the team.

Penny's continued hard work and leadership skills were recognized once again in February, 2020, when she was promoted to Production Control Manager. This promotion, represents her significant contributions to the company's growth and success.

Penny's career trajectory at Chess is an inspiring example of dedication, talent, and hard work being rewarded. Her successive promotions demonstrate the value she brings to the company and the positive impact she has on her colleagues and team.

Nicola Daoud

Nicola began her journey at Chess in October 2018 as a Personal Assistant to the CEO. Since then, she has demonstrated remarkable growth and development within the company, taking on increasingly challenging roles and responsibilities meaning she has been able to advance her career into new directions.

Nicola's initial position provided her with a strong foundation in the company's operations and leadership dynamics. Her dedication and talent were quickly recognised, along with her keenness to learn more about other areas of the business, which led to a promotion to PA and Sales Support just three months after joining. This expanded role allowed her to gain valuable experience in the sales department, further solidifying her understanding of Chess's business landscape.

Nicola's career trajectory continued its upward climb in a new direction in July 2021 when she was promoted to Sales and Marketing Executive. This role leveraged her diverse skillset, enabling her to contribute to both sales and marketing initiatives. Her talent for relationship building, communication, and strategic thinking proved invaluable in these areas.

Today, Nicola stands as a testament to Chess's commitment to promoting and developing talent from within. She now leads the marketing department, overseeing a team and shaping the company's brand image. Her leadership skills, coupled with her in-depth understanding of the business, have been instrumental in the marketing department's success.

Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson's journey at Chess Dynamics began in 2009, and over the past decade, he has grown alongside the company, establishing himself as an asset and leader within the Electronics team. His dedication, skills, and commitment to excellence have seen him progress through several key promotions, each marking a significant contribution to Chess Dynamics' success.


Chris started his career at Chess Dynamics as a Junior Electronic Design Engineer. This initial role laid the foundation for his technical expertise, allowing him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company's products and processes. His enhanced skillset and strong potential was recognised, and in August 2013, he was promoted to Electronics Engineer, leading to further involvement in more complex projects.


Chris's leadership qualities shone through, and in July 2014, he was further promoted to Senior Electronics Engineer. This role entrusted him with greater responsibility, including mentoring junior engineers and contributing to the development of innovative solutions


Chris was promoted again in February 2017  to Electronics Group Leader. In this role, he oversees the Electronics group, guiding and motivating his team to achieve exceptional results. He sets the strategic direction for the group, ensuring technical excellence and efficient project execution.


Chris's commitment, talent, and leadership are evident throughout his journey at Chess Dynamics. He has consistently developed his skills, embraced challenges, and played a vital role in the company's success. His dedication to his team and his passion for innovation make him an invaluable asset. Chris's recent participation in the Group Leadership Development Programme further highlights his commitment to continuous growth and leadership excellence.