Students & Graduates

Students & Graduates

As a business we know how important it is to encourage young people to consider a career within STEM.

We are proud to offer a variety of opportunities to those who are at the point of making important early career decisions and need a little guidance on where their interests may be suited, those that want to gain some experience in real world projects to assist in deepening their university knowledge, and those that are ready to start their career as a graduate.

Work experience 


Work experience is something we offer to school students who have a keen STEM interest and want to know more about the practical applications of our products. You will get the opportunity to see what our engineering and production teams do at Chess and how this fits into the bigger picture of our business. Whether you are looking for a week’s work experience or just a day or two, please get in touch with us with your work experience dates and we can see if it’s something we are able to support. We also have a great group of STEM ambassadors that would love to get involved in careers days talks and presentations, so if you are a Careers Advisor or Teacher that would be interested in Chess attending your school, please reach out.

Apprenticeship Schemes

Apprenticeship schemes are becoming more popular here at Chess. We recognise that some individuals prefer to get stuck in with hands on work whilst gaining a new qualification. We welcome individuals to join us as an apprentice in our production engineering teams as well as IT and other areas. If you would like to know more about a potential Apprenticeship, please reach out to us to discuss your interests as we would love to be the employer that can offer the chance to enhance your skills whilst you learn and provide an encouraging and nurturing environment to thrive in.

Industrial Year Placements

Over the last few years, we have had multiple students join us to complete an industrial year placement as part of their university degree, we offer placements that cover electronic and mechanical engineering, as well as those that have a computer science and software focus. If you are looking for an industrial year placement as part of your degree, get in touch to find out when we accept, review and interview applicants for an industrial year placement.

Graduate Level Roles

Although we don’t run an annual graduate scheme, we regularly have opportunities available across the business. It is important to us to continue to bring in fresh talent that can contribute innovative ideas to the problems we encounter.


As we offer great learning and development opportunities, Chess is a great place to start your career and build your knowledge and skillset to a point where you have the ability and opportunity to work on some of our most complex projects. If you can’t see an active graduate role in your area of interest, please get in touch with the recruitment team and we can advise if there may be something suitable for you.