Build your future at Chess Dynamics

AUGUST 01, 2023

As some of our industrial placements are coming to an end, we wanted to highlight how Chess is engaged in early careers. Chess offers student training through work experience programmes, internships, graduate initiatives and the UKESF scholarship scheme.

Here’s what one of our Industrial Placement students had to say.


‘I've learnt quite a bit this last year at Chess. Working with the software team in Plymouth, I've been challenged with a multitude of different tasks and projects to elevate my skillset - from things as simple as learning how to utilise and manage branches in Git, carry out code reviews and write unit tests to designing and writing larger scale modular code, learning about and applying coding standards, and following the software process to develop and deliver software in a real, working environment.


Throughout the year, I got a great taste of what a career in embedded software development might look like. I really enjoyed learning about the Chess systems and getting a grasp on how they operate at a software level, working as part of the team to add and refine features, as well as taking on the responsibility of leading my own project. I also had the opportunity to travel on numerous occasions and see the different departments from all three sites, which gave me a much more well-rounded view of the business outside of my own role - and a more practical understanding of how workplaces are structured in general. It was great to meet these team members outside of Plymouth, particularly when engaging in discussions at the software conferences to find out more about the different processes in use.


The experience helped me to boost so many career-related skills: some more technical, like deepening my knowledge of a variety of different programming languages, the software development process, defensive programming techniques, software standards and more - but also more general attributes going forwards, like team working, leadership, independence, creating solutions, and most importantly, confidence.


Thank you to Chess for the experience this last year, and a big thank you to the team at Plymouth for making me feel welcome, guiding me through and helping me learn so many skills and concepts in a practical way that I'd never get from university.’


Taren Collyer – Industrial Placement Engineering Student.


If you are a student who is looking for a challenging and rewarding career, please click here and contact our HR department.