Celebrating a 20th Anniversary

MARCH 02, 2022

We are very proud to say that we’ve had Adam Wicks as part of our amazing team for 20 years this month. What a journey both he and the business have been on over the last two decades!

20 years ago, Chess Systems was a company of 14 people soon to embark on a huge transition involving rebranding to Chess Dynamics, and a shift into the defence field the business is so well known for today. We obviously couldn’t miss the chance to speak to him about it…


‘It’s been a fascinating journey for me. From the 14-person team to the 200-person entity it is today, and everything that this has involved, has been great.


I started out as a Control Systems Engineer working on a research project between Chess and Kingston University. This was when Chess developed production line machines for semi-conductors – nothing like the work we do now!


Then back in 2003/2004 when we set-up Chess Dynamics, we had a complete change in the work type, products, and customers we focused on. But it was just one of many similar steps the business has embraced over the years to be where it is today.


I have always loved the enthusiasm, incredible buzz, and can-do attitude of our team. The ability to look at new industries, to agree to taking on an endless variety of projects – even when seemingly whacky – to explore new ideas, and then consistently deliver projects so well, has been constantly rewarding.


I’ve witnessed the steady and strong growth with increasingly ambitious projects, which required the move into Quadrant house in 2009/2010 and for me to evolve from being an Electrical/Electronics Engineer, to Electronics Group Leader, all the way to taking on the role of Engineering Manager in 2014.


This in itself was a great opportunity for me; I experienced a big change in skillset and was pushed out of my comfort zone, but I definitely learned a lot and continue to do so, which is hugely professionally satisfying.


The opportunity for travel over the years to places such as Sweden, France, Singapore and Korea have also been particular career highlights for me. But it’s the programmes we work on that really make things worthwhile. I get to work with incredibly clever and ingenious people, both as part of the Chess team and client-side, on a daily basis.


It's a key aspect of working here that I appreciate: We couldn’t have grown as rapidly as we have, and continue to do so, without a really great group of people all contributing and wanting to succeed – and a business that supports career development so well.’


Thanks for your time and the last 20 years Adam. Here’s (naturally) to another 20!