Chess Dynamics and SEA Partner to Deliver Ancilia Countermeasure System

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Chess Dynamics and SEA, sister companies within the Cohort Group, have partnered to deliver the Ancilia trainable decoy launcher system, a highly intelligent maritime system that provides effective and rapid ship protection against incoming air, surface, or subsurface threats.

Ancilia is a step-change in decoy launcher technology compared to traditional fixed base solutions. Its trainable capability removes the need to manoeuvre the vessel to address incoming threats. It can host a wide range of modern decoy systems thus equipping the ship against new and emerging threats including sea-skimming missiles, drones, and hypersonic missiles.


Chess Dynamics has developed the trainable base for Ancilia, leveraging its expertise in designing high-precision positioning platforms. This means that Ancilia benefits from in-service technology that has been proven through more than 20 years of operational service in harsh naval environments.


Mark Byfield, Vice President Strategic Business Development at Chess Dynamics, said: "We are proud to have contributed our proven expertise to the development of the new Ancilia trainable decoy launcher system. Working closely with our colleagues in SEA, we have successfully developed an advanced high-performance system that is set to play a critical role in protecting modern warships from new and evolving hostile threats."


The Ancilia system is expected to enter service with navies around the world in the coming years. It is a significant development in the field of maritime countermeasure systems, and it is a testament to the skill, expertise and innovation of both Chess Dynamics and SEA.