APRIL 15, 2019

Chess Dynamics counter-UAV technology features on panorama

Chess Dynamics Ltd is pleased to announce that its AUDS counter-UAV technology featured on BBC One’s flagship current affairs show, Panorama, on Monday 15th April.


Chess Dynamics was invited to take part in the show, which was focused on the London Gatwick Airport Drone attack and airport closure in December 2018, as their equipment formed part of the solution that has been deployed by London Gatwick Airport to manage the ongoing situation.


David Eldridge, Sales Director at Chess, was filmed demonstrating the capability of the AUDS counter-UAV system as it is used in a military environment. The programme shows how the counter-UAV system can be used by the military to detect and track drones, and includes a demonstration of how a UAV can be disrupted using the AUDS RF inhibitor technology.


The AUDS counter-UAV solution was specifically developed for use by the military and has been deployed by defence organisations to support major operations in the Middle East and elsewhere. The AUDS system is currently delivered through a partnership with three independent British technology companies, Chess Dynamics, Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) and Blighter.


Graham Beall, CEO of Chess Dynamics, commented: “We’re extremely pleased that we were able to film the AUDS counter-UAV system with Panorama, and that the military capability of this unique solution will be demonstrated to such a wide audience.”


“Our equipment formed part of the solution that has been deployed by London Gatwick Airport after the sustained drone attack in December 2018, and we continue to work with the airport on an ongoing basis providing both technology and consultancy support. An airport is a complex environment and has a unique set of requirements and as such, the technology deployed is bespoke to the customer’s specific requirements. However, our extensive experience with AUDS in counter-UAV technology in the military environment has given us the credibility and technical capability to support Gatwick.”



The full programme can be viewed at: