Chess Dynamics Has been Certified as Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Footprint Standard!

JULY 08, 2024

We're thrilled to announce a significant step towards environmental responsibility: through our support of a Malawian energy-efficient M’tetezi biomass cookstove project and our local actions to reduce our Carbon Emissions, we have now been certified as a Carbon Neutral business! This reflects our commitment to sustainability and aligns with our values of fostering a positive global impact.

M’tetezi Improved Cookstoves Project in the Balaka District, Malawi


The energy-efficient M’tetezi cookstove is a portable biomass stove designed for burning wood. The replacement of traditional stoves with M’tetezi stoves improves heat transfer, hence reducing the total amount of fuel required for cooking and reducing the amount of GHG emitted into the atmosphere. The M’tetezi cookstove is a typical rocket stove locally manufactured in Malawi. Cooking with the M’tetezi cookstoves requires significantly less firewood than traditional cooking. Wood is increasingly expensive and scarce in most parts of Malawi. Besides reduced greenhouse gas emissions, the M’tetezi cookstoves furthermore reduce indoor air pollution (carbon monoxide and particulate matter). This reduction in exposure of especially women and young children is expected to reduce the risk related to their health (e.g., respiratory problems, issues related to eyes due to smoke). In comparison to open cooking fires, the use of the M’tetezi cookstove will reduce the amount of time spent obtaining wood fuel, especially for children and mothers. The saved time can be channelled to other activities like buying food, clothes, medical treatments, etc.


Why Improved Cooking Stoves in Malawi?


This project stood out for several reasons. Firstly, as Chess is a global business with exports around the world, we wanted to support a project that would make a real difference in areas less fortunate than our own. Secondly, these improved cooking stoves, manufactured locally to the end users in Malawi, offer a practical solution. By reducing reliance on open wood fires, the project helps to minimise deforestation and air pollution.


This is just one step in our ongoing journey towards sustainability. We're dedicated to continuously evaluating our practices and seeking new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Stay tuned for further updates on our sustainability efforts!