Chess Dynamics Secures Three Major Orders with Global Defence Company

MARCH 12, 2024

Chess Dynamics, a leading provider in precision radar turntables, has secured three significant orders worth £3.7 million from a global defence and security company, reinforcing its expertise in large positioner systems.

Utilising our experience in moving, pointing and stabilising large and heavy payloads for defence and security applications, Chess will provide bespoke radar turntables, custom-designed to rotate and stabilise both small radars and large, high-power models.


Our turntables will ensure the radar systems have the precision and accuracy needed to meet performance requirements and operate in complex and harsh environments.

These latest orders demonstrate the continued confidence and trust that Chess Dynamics has within the defence industry over design and delivery of high-quality, positioning systems for a wide and diverse set of applications.


Mark Byfield, VP Strategic Business Development at Chess Dynamics, said: "These orders are a testament to the quality and reliability of our products and the strong relationship we've built with our partners over the past two decades. Our core competency in precise motion control ensures the overall radar system delivers enhanced performance and reliability."

Chess Dynamics stands as a leader in the design and supply of high-performance radar turntables for both ground-based and maritime systems. Its products are utilised by leading defence and security companies worldwide.