Chess recognises the importance of Reserves Day

JUNE 21, 2023

21st June commemorates Reserves Day. It is a chance to recognise and appreciate the integral part that Reservists play in the UK’s Defence capability. Around 30,000 Reservists are committing their spare time, balancing their day jobs and family life with a military career, to be ready to serve should their country need them.

One of our Graduate Mechanical Engineers, Sam Coore, has been a reservist for 4 years. Serving as an officer in the Irish Guards, he was commissioned as an officer while studying at university and has since maintained a strong interest in the military and its connection to the world of engineering. After a summer placement at Chess, he furthered his military training by spending 3 months at the Specialist Weapons School in Warminster. There, he acquired the skills needed to be an Anti-tanks platoon commander.


Returning to Chess as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Sam discovered that his military experiences greatly influenced his work. Exposure to similar systems positively impacted his design choices and deepened his understanding of the practical application of Chess assets.


In addition to his engineering role, Sam has also had the opportunity to take on the responsibilities associated with being a part of the Household Division. Notably, he served as a half company commander during the King's Coronation parade. This marked the first-time reservists participated as members of the foot guards in such an event. Sam had just 2 weeks to prepare and there was a whole lot of boot polishing involved! During the summer, he will also be taking part in The King's Birthday Parade, proudly wearing the famous bearskin and red tunic in London.