Cohort Business Excellence Awards 2020

NOVEMBER 03, 2020

We are very pleased to announce that in this year’s Cohort Business Excellence Awards, Chess employees won four awards!

The purpose of the awards is to recognise and reward employees and team’s business excellence across the Cohort Group.


Business excellence means working in a way that leads to an excellent outcome for the business such as:



For 2020 Cohort also recognised achievement that reflects the Cohort Group Values:



The awards won by Chess were as follows;


The Chess IT Team – Ryan and Scott were highly commended for all of their work in enabling Chess to transition seamlessly to remote working during the first lock down whilst upgrading our systems to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification.



The Bid Team – Nathan Willcocks, Kerry Barnes, Stephanie Buller, Michael Green and Martin Read were awarded the Cohort Values Award for their work in winning the MCMV contract.



Kerry Barnes was awarded a Bronze Award for her commitment to supporting long-term growth across Chess, and embodying the Cohort Group Values.



The Trials Team – Lee Wren (Vision4ce), Martin Hewitt, John Morgan, Ben Moffatt, Mark Faux, Sunil Sudra, Chris Henderson, Deborah Hards, Mark Campbell and Michael Otty were awarded both a Silver Award and the top Gold Award for their work in delivering an exceptional result!



This is the second year running that a Chess team has won the top award which is a fantastic achievement! We are very proud of every one of our employees, you all are truly instrumental in the achieving the success that we have seen over these past years.