Cohort Business Excellence Awards 2022 - Winners Announced

JANUARY 23, 2023

On Wednesday 18th January, Cohort held our annual Business Excellence Awards in London.

The purpose of the awards is to recognise and reward employees and team’s business excellence across the Cohort Group; employees working in a way that leads to an excellent outcome for the business. The awards not only focus on business successes such as contract awards, they also recognise and reward the talent, hard work and innovation that exists at all levels of the Group that is directed towards achieving our long‐term objectives. Everyone can therefore contribute to business excellence, regardless of role or seniority, and in teams or as individuals.   


We are very pleased to announce that Chess employees won 2 Bronze and 1 Silver awards this year;


Bronze Award – Results Driven  

Led by Rupert Grinling with Matthew Bennett, Mark Campbell, Lee Wren, Paul Burton, Michael Otty, Matt Tripp, Martin Hewitt, Sunil Sudra, Tim Carter, Magda King and Martin Grabowski


Bronze Award – Playing our Part

Oliver Cooper


Silver Award – Results Driven

Production and Engineering team led by Andy Brookes, with Harshil Hirani, David Reichwald, Martin Budgen, Phil Passey, Lisa Moon, Penny Brown, Joseph Milner Smith, Mark Ableman, Magda King.

Deployment and Integration Team of Jamie Sanderson, Phil Griffin and Owen Keaveney.



Additionally the following team and individuals narrowly missed out on an award but were highly commended;


Kerry Barnes, Verity French, Michael Green and Martin Read - Bid Team

Nicola Daoud – Individual contribution

Paula Ribeiro – Individual contribution


There are many more individuals at Chess that we know have contributed to the success of these teams and to Chess throughout the year, unfortunately it is just not possible to name you all within the nominations, however your contributions are not unrecognised!


Many thanks to all the winners and to everyone that makes Chess the successful company that it is today!