Cohort Group Companies Team Up: SEA's Trainable Decoy Launcher with Chess Dynamics' Technology Selected by MoD

MARCH 26, 2024

Chess Dynamics' unique positioning technology has played a key role in fellow Cohort Group company SEA securing a major contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide a trainable decoy launcher as part of the Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme (MEWP).

MEWP is an MoD procurement programme aiming to progressively update surface ship electronic surveillance, electronic warfare command and control, and countermeasures capabilities for the Royal Navy over the next 20 years.



As a specialist manufacturer of defensive positioning platforms for surveillance and fire control technology, Chess Dynamics has provided the trainable base for SEA's cutting-edge decoy launcher system, Ancilia. This will deliver effective and rapid protection against modern dynamic threats, including hypersonic and ballistic missiles for RN surface ships, including the Type 31s, Type 26 frigates and Type 45 Destroyers.


Chess’ high-precision trainable base and positioning technology has been custom-designed to ensure accurate movement in the complex maritime environments that Ancilia will be required to operate in. Ancilia’s trainable nature is a step change in decoy launcher technology, removing the need to manoeuvre the vessel in order to defend itself.


Ancilia’s trainable base is an example of Chess’ ability to design and manufacture configurable solutions to meet individual challenges in some of the most advanced areas of defence innovation. In this case, Chess’ positioning technology is applied to a wider system to enable accurate and stable movement.


"We are honoured to contribute our established expertise in high-precision positioning platforms to the development of Ancilia," says David Tuddenham, Managing Director at Chess Dynamics. "Through close collaboration with our Cohort colleagues at SEA, we have jointly created an advanced system poised to play a critical role in safeguarding Navy vessels from evolving threats."


This collaboration demonstrates Chess Dynamics' commitment to supporting national defence programs and developing innovative solutions for the maritime industry. The company's expertise in high-precision positioning platforms, combined with SEA's proven track record in electronic warfare systems, positions the joint team to deliver a game-changing solution for the Royal Navy.