JUNE 21, 2021

World Wellbeing Week (June 21 - June 30)

Whilst the wellbeing of our team is something we take seriously every day at Chess, it’s great to have the excuse to really focus on it. This year’s #worldwellbeingweek (this week if you didn’t know!) is no exception.

This morning there has been a special delivery to every member of our team with a note inside letting them know how appreciated they are.
Our internal company newsletter, which has also gone out today, includes map routes for local walks near our offices in Horsham, Wokingham, and Plymouth, and we have a team wellbeing walk planned for mid-week this week – fingers crossed the weather holds!
We are also looking forward to a virtual session on Healthy Eating on Tuesday 22nd June, and a workshop with Mind this Thursday titled 'Five Ways to Wellbeing’.
As wellbeing is so strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction, we are stressing to our team that ‘wellbeing can’t wait’.
Lisa Locke, HR Manager said “As we know, looking after our health and wellbeing is critical, this has been highlighted in our shared experiences since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our People in the Company are key to delivering and enabling our business performance. Investing in, and supporting employee wellbeing is at the heart of our People Plan to ensure we can build increased resilience and better engagement by creating healthier working lives which benefit the organisation, employees and their families.
Our aim is to continue to build and embed an effective workplace wellbeing programme that will provide mutual benefit to employees and our business which also supports our local communities. In our growing our health and wellbeing agenda for Chess, our ambition is to show that healthy workplaces help people to flourish and reach their full potential.”
Happy World Wellbeing Week to you!