Positioning Systems

First-rate bespoke design and rapid prototyping services

Positioning Systems

Design and manufacturing of large positioning systems to meet the individual challenges in Land and Maritime domains.

Our customers often face individual challenges where one size does not fit all. They need the best to help them win – speed to market, cost-effective rapid prototyping, tailored solutions for their customers, no limitations, no compromises. Where ingenious problem-solving meets engineering excellence, we are Chess Dynamics.


Our team designs and manufactures customised products to meet any challenge.

Chess Dynamics has over three decades of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing specialist electro-mechanical products and solutions to meet individual needs. We deliver bespoke designed, modified, tailored and fully customised systems that can be embedded into our customer integrated solutions to meet any challenge.


For example, we played a key role in working with QinetiQ on the design and build of a relocatable Optical Ground Station (OGS) in support of Dstl’s space-based Titania Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) research project. Let us deliver a solution to meet your requirement.




Designing and Manufacturing solutions is in our DNA


Chess Dynamics was founded to meet a need, and for years, we have proven that engineering is the art of making science possible. Our engineering team consists of tenacious, problem-solving experts who put quality and engineering excellence at the heart of everything. Our customers value the reliability and competitive pricing of our engineering solutions.

We help our customers to move fast


Our dedicated engineering team allow us to operate in an agile fashion, leveraging research and development to innovate quickly. Rapid prototyping enables our customers to get their products into the market quickly.


We work in partnership with our customers to find the best solution to solve their specific problem or challenge. Our engineering team of experts listen to the customer, understand the issue, design, and then develop solutions that accurately meet the customer’s demanding requirements.


In providing bespoke surveillance, tracking, and fire control design, we can ensure that we meet the exact needs of our customers. Customers value our technical confidence, responsiveness, and ability to quickly understand a challenge and engineer a solution from existing building blocks. We can tailor existing technologies or fully create unique solutions to meet individual needs




Chess has built up an extensive and innovative product portfolio of high performance positioners, trackers and cameras. From this range of equipment, we are able to quickly and efficiently build and adapt technologies to meet your exact requirements. To view our product portfolio, please click here.