Image Processing Software


The GRIP View (Video Management Software) is a comprehensive video management and image processing software suite for the control of electro-optical (EO) systems.


GRIP View is comprised of a number of standard software modules that can be custom configured to meet end user requirements. This modular approach enables the rapid and cost-effective deployment of sophisticated video management solutions with customers only needing to purchase those modules required for their particular application.


The user interface and control methodology is designed to minimize the operator involvement whilst maximizing the quality of the information available. The software’s Graphical User Interface can display multiple video streams in a flexible layout that can be customized to meet operational requirements. The display features on-screen presentation of ancillary data and semi-transparent video overlays for important user interface items. An operator can interact with GRIP Video and hence the EO system using a combination of touchscreen, joystick and keyboard control.


GRIP View also provides support for operation over an IP network and includes comprehensive support for the low latency distribution of video over an IP network.


GRIP View provides the operator with control and feedback of all aspects of the EO system, including:


GRIP View includes the following capabilities:


  • Graphical User Interfaces

  • System control

  • Video Target Detection and Tracking (DART)

  • Panoramic Display Formation

  • Video Compression and Recording (H.264 & M-JPEG)

  • Video Streaming (MPEG-TS, STANAG 4609, RTSP, DEF STAN 00-82)

  • Electronic Image Stabilization (eStab)

  • Image Enhancement

  • Geodetic Positioning

  • Ballistic Computation

  • Remote operation over an IP network

  • Integration with Surveillance Radars

  • Multi language support


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