Video Processing and Distribution Unit


The VPDU (Video Processing and Distribution Unit) is used for processing and distributing video in system comprising multiple video sources which need to be processed and routed to multiple video displays. A typical example is an armoured vehicle with EO sighting systems, driver cameras and situation awareness cameras all of which need to be shared between different displays within the vehicle.




The GRIP VPDU combines a latest generation Intel CPU with a high performance GPU to drive up to 6 displays. The video input architecture is modular which allows the VPDU to be configured to support the specific format of the video sources. This includes support for PAL, NTSC, 3G/HD-SDI, YPbPr, STANAG, HDMI, RGB, VGA and GigE Vision. Up to 24 video sources are supported.


Operating System

As a minimum, the VPDU is supplied with a Linux OS with all driver software installed.



A range of libraries based on the Vision4ce FrameWorkx software are available including:


  • BIT

  • Low latency video capture and display

  • Video detection and tracking

  • Video compression, streaming and recording

  • Image fusion

  • Ballistic computation

Application Software

Vision4ce can undertake the development of a complete bespoke application for the VPDU.






Size: 287mm x 340mm x 101mm

Data Interfaces: 4 x RS232/485, 2 x GigE, 1 x CAN, 2 x USB2.0

Video Inputs: 24 diverse video, Analog & digital, RGB, PAL/NTSC, SDI (SMPTE 292), DVI-D, CameraLink, GigEV

Video Outputs: 6 diverse video, RGB, DVI-D, DP

Processing: Intel CPU, AMD GPU

Features: Low latency output and distribution

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