Designed to disrupt and neutralise Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potential malicious activity.


The Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) from Chess Dynamics is designed to detect, identify, track and defeat Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and malicious activity. The System uses a combination of cutting edge cognitive radars, target detection and tracking AI, electro-optical sensors, and directional RF detection and inhibition to provide 360-degree layered situational coverage. The System combines a smart-sensor and effector package and are equipped with advanced AI capabilities for target identification, classification, and tracking.


A Chess supplied Combat Management System (CMS) is provided for customers who want to use this as a stand alone product. The CMS incorporates automatic sensing, identification and tracking that keeps the user alert and aware. This allows a reduced manning profile, thus saving the user cost and time. The CMS is also sensor agnostic, which allows Chess to build a bespoke system best suited to the user requirements. All sensors are overlaid onto a unified map for situational awareness. The System can be incorporated into wider ‘systems of systems’, for example on vehicles or as part of wider network of defence.




  • Smart-sensor and effector package capable of remotely detecting small UAVs
  • On vehicle role change options
  • High gain quad-band antenna system
  • Disruption/inhibition delivers operational effect
  • Software defined intelligent RF inhibition
  • Long range colour camera and a high sensitivity Thermal Imager (TI)
  • Automatic target classification
  • High-definition sensors
  • Digital architecture 
  • Robust rugged design
  • Available for Land and Maritime domains


C-UAS Brochure