Target Identification

Highly accurate and precise target identification.

Highly accurate and precise target identification

In combat situations, you need accurate target identification capabilities that you can depend on regardless of the environmental conditions. The ability to quickly locate, identify, and then track objects in combat environments minimises the risk and confusion that could potentially put lives at risk.

Our Hawkeye Land Systems play an increasingly important role in threat detection, providing enhanced image clarity and accuracy. Offering high levels of full colour optical zoom, and exceptional imaging capabilities, our systems enable target identification in great detail across large areas, day or night. This gives you significant operational advantages that allow you to respond quickly, appropriately, and with accuracy.

Target acquisition and tracking in tough conditions


Our Land systems are built for the harshest of conditions. They employ a scalable, modular suite of electro optical sensors to meet the operator’s mission requirements. By being environmentally sealed, and using this modular design approach, our Hawkeye variants can be fully maintained in the field, meaning any operational downtime is kept to a minimum. 


With compact design and rugged build our targeting and tracking units can be easily and rapidly integrated into existing systems. Where Hawkeye may be employed in combative situations, the systems can be protected with additional armour up to STANAG Level 2. And for target acquisition in excessively harsh environments, sun shields, heat dissipators, and automatic lens covers can be fitted. 

Friend or Foe - threat detection over long distances

Mission success often depends on accurately identifying friends or foes. And once identified, being able to accurately and reliably track foes becomes mission critical. Evolving threats such as unmanned vehicles can present complex threat identification challenges. These needs have driven demand for increasingly enhanced imaging definition across day and night. 

Hawkeye systems provide a high level of automated operation during surveillance and target tracking, extreme long-range detection, and high accuracy target engagement. Our higher definition cameras deliver significant advantages in terms of increased accuracy and precision at longer distances, allowing your forces to accurately identify objects as friend or foe across the land domain.