Sea Eagle Digital EOSS

Digital Electro Optical Surveillance System

Sea Eagle Digital EOSS (Electro Optical Surveillance System)

Enables more accurate, flexible and integrated surveillance


The Sea Eagle Digital EOSS enables more flexibility and provides the opportunity to integrate with a wider range of additional sensors on the host vessel. The digital architecture is configured for modular sensors which ensures the highest levels of operational availability. This also provides the end user with options to reconfigure and meet a variety of mission profiles.



  • Mission configurable capability
  • Utilises a wide range of advanced sensors, digital architecture, and Vision4ce’s Vision Tracking
  • Option for AI powered target classification software



Sea Eagle systems employ advanced image processing techniques to provide a high level of automated operation during surveillance and target tracking. Producing both a panoramic image of the operating area and high magnification, still and moving images of detected targets the systems can be set to alarm on pre-defined target types and associated behaviour.