Maritime Systems

Sea Eagle family of advanced multi-sensor maritime systems

Sea Eagle Family of Maritime Systems

Advanced situational awareness, surveillance and precision gunfire control solutions for all classes of surface vessels.

The Sea Eagle family is a group of electro optical systems that meet a broad range of maritime surveillance and fire control applications for all classes of surface vessels.; from fast interceptors and patrol boats, to major warships.


Chess have three decades of experience in applying engineering excellence to the Maritime solutions we design and build in-house. We combine our strong pedigree in building products such as superior sensor systems with a transparent, open and honest approach when working with customers.


The Chess Dynamics' Naval Centre of Excellence in Plymouth provides customers with a cradle to grave service.



We deliver high-performance products and solutions for the maritime sector


Chess Dynamic’s maritime surveillance and fire control systems are engineered with all-weather capabilities, and our rugged products are qualified to work in the harshest environments. Our products are built to perform in extreme heat and cold, from equatorial seas through to polar operations, overcoming challenges posed by salt, mist, rain, and sun.


Sea Eagle systems have been proven over many years on all types of platforms and integrated to many different CMS’ or operated stand-alone. Our Maritime systems are designed and proven to deliver high reliability and minimal maintenance throughout their lifecycle, meaning our customers experience a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when working with us.

Chess in Australia


Through our partnership with Owen International, we have established an Australian supply and support facility for our advanced sensor systems. To see more information on Chess in Australia, please click here.



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First-rate bespoke design and rapid prototyping services